Contact Drake for requests related to land management, including aerial mapping and agroecosystem design planning.

Contact Sarah for requests related to soil health, soil ecology and on-farm research. 

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Seminars, Workshops and Panels

  • Speaker, Gut Health and the Microbiome Summit, Town Hall Medicine, online course – Sarah
  • Speaker, Strategies for On-Farm Carbon Storage, Grey Bruce Farmers’ Week, January 2018 – Sarah, with article in The Rural Voice
  • Panelist, EDIT: Expo for Design, Innovation & Technology, October 7, Toronto – Drake
  • Speaker, Toronto Garlic Festival, Toronto, ON, September 2017 – Sarah
  • Panelist, Strategic Foresight for Healthy Food Futures with the Ontario Livestock Industry, Guelph, ON, April 2017 – Drake
  • Speaker, Eating from the same plate: Root exudates feed us all, Ecological Farmers of Ontario Conference, Kingston, ON, December 2017 – Sarah
  • Speaker, Farming to Feed Microbes, Ecological Farmers of Ontario Conference, London, ON, December 2016 – Sarah
  • Speaker, The Haney Test and Nutrient Turnover, Practical Farmers of Iowa “Farminar”, December 2016 – Sarah
  • Speaker & panelist, Soil Health Short Course, Practical Farmers of Iowa Conference, Ames, IA, January 2015 – Sarah

Writings and Imagery